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The People’s Vanguard of Davis and Davis Media Access sponsored a roundtable community forum on “Measure I," also know as the Surface Water Project. DMA recorded the forum Sat., Feb. 2 from 1-3 p.m, in Community Chambers. Voters will have the opportunity to vote on Measure I in an all-mail only Special Election, March 5, 2013. 

Both proponents and opponents of Measure I were invited to participate. Each side was given the opportunity to have three people on the panel. Two of the three were considered advocates or supporters of either “No on I” or “Yes on I” and the third person was considered a technical expert on a critical aspect of the project including hydrology, financing and water policy.

The proponents representing Yes on Measure I include Joe Krovoza and Alf Brandt.

Opponents representing No on Measure I include former city councilmember Sue Greenwald

The technical experts who will be present include: Professor Graham Fogg for hydrology, Rob Roscoe for finance and Walt Sadler for water policy.

• Graham Fogg, PhD, is a Professor of Hydrogeology and Hydrogeologist at UC Davis with specific expertise in groundwater contaminant transport; groundwater basin characterization and management; long-term sustainability of regional groundwater quality; vulnerability of aquifers to non-point-source groundwater contaminants.

• Walt Sadler, PE, has Over 40 years of experience both as a consultant and staff for Municipal Agencies; Past Chair of the Sacramento Groundwater Authority (SGA); Involved in the design, construction, and management of numerous water supply projects including aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) wells, water supply wells, water treatment facilities, pump stations and distribution facilities throughout the Central Valley..

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