COVID-19 Community Report February 2, 2021 - Gloria Partida & Kristin Sky

COVID-19 Community Report - Episode #50 - February 2, 2021

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It's astonishing to me that we're at Episode 50, with nearly 85 people interviewed over the last 10+ months. Thank you to all who have listened and/or supported, agreed to be interviewed, and provided feedback. The stories we tell and the narrative we weave about the impact of the pandemic in Yolo County will be an important part of our collective archives.

On Jan. 30, The New York Times ran a lengthy feature on one community in California and its efforts to model a plan for curtailing the Covid virus. Spoiler alert: that's our community, Davis, CA, and we're on the map as being at the forefront of community engagement and science during the pandemic. One of the benefits of having a world-class university here.

In Episode 50, Davis Mayor Gloria Partida joins me to provide an overview of that effort,  Healthy Davis Together(link is external), just as the project has added a third testing site at the Veterans Memorial Theatre. We speak about the partnership between UC Davis and the City, and how crisis yields strengthened hopes for future collaboration.

Also joining me is Kristin Sky, a mental health therapist and life coach who runs Mental Health House Call(link is external) in Davis. She works with a wide range of people but specializes in teens. She has some insightful things to share about how teens are faring during the pandemic, and also how mental health care has evolved this past year.

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