Davis Futures Forum presents Dr. Richard Jackson on 'How Your City's Built Environment Affects Your Health'

Davis Futures Forum presents Dr. Richard Jackson Speaks on City Planning for Healthier Communities.

He talks about the "Health Benefits of a Good City Plan"

Dr. Richard Jackson, MD is the Retired Director of the Centers for Disease Control's Center for Environmental Health

Hosted by Davis Mayor Pro Tem Gloria Partida

Response panel

Larry Greene, executive director of the California Air Pollution Control Officers Association;

UCD professor Susan Handy, director of the National Center for Sustainable Transportation; and

Ruth Ann Bertsch, MD, Kaiser Physician.

Recorded November 6, 2019 in the City of Davis Community Chambers, by Davis Media Access. Dr. Jackson is an author of two books on this topic and has hosted a PBS TV series.

More recently, he has taken on the challenges of climate change. He is a member of the National Academies of Science.

His talk on November 6th described what it takes to build a truly healthful community, and he will suggest ideas to retrofit existing areas. This prescription suggest our health care “crisis” is more than fixing our medical insurance system, but would include designing places for people to live, work and play so they can be physically active, socially connected, and where children are safe from the dangers of traffic.

The purpose of the Davis Futures Forum is to highlight innovative approaches to social, economic, and environmental sustainability through land use planning. This event is organized by the Davis Futures Forum, a collaboration between planners, academics, community leaders and residents.

These events are sponsored with the help of Cool Davis and the City of Davis with the assistance of Davis Media Access and a major grant from Bike Davis. The Forum primarily accomplishes its work by arranging for nationally known experts to speak at local public venues and with help from experts and supporters at the City of Davis, UC Davis, and in the community.

1 hour 36 min
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