Libertarian Counterpoint

In private letter AG Jeff Sessions asks Congress for permission to go after medical marijuana.

JP Krause – A high school canceled the results of its class presidential election when the student body elected JP after a classmate videotaped his satirical campaign speech in AP History class. PLF defends JP’s First Amendment rights, arguing that freedom of speech does not end at the school steps.

Benjamin Powell of Independent Institute says more immigration is positively correlated with more economic freedom.

Minerva Dairy v Brancel – Wisconsin recently began enforcing its 40-year old statute that makes it illegal to sell ungraded butter. WI is the only state to do so. PLF defends Minerva Dairy, which has long sold butter into WI, and challenges the butter restriction as a violation of constitutional economic liberty.

FDA – Last month the FDA granted a year-long extension of its deadline for restaurants and grocery stores to post calories on its menus for ready-to-eat food. PLF notices this requirement is compelled speech, and may violate the First Amendment right not to speak.

ABC-CCC v Harris – PLF has just filed an opening appellate brief against SB 954 – CA’s new law that empowers organized labor to rob resources from building industry promotional associations if they support collective bargaining agreements.

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