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Poor neighborhoods hit hardest by asset forfeiture in Chicago. Study by Lucy Parson Labs, a Chicago non-profit shows South and West side black neighborhoods hit the worst.

La’Shieka White (mother of EL Jr.) v VICC – PLF is waiting on a decision from the 8th Cir. after oral argument in April on behalf of Edmund Lee Jr.’s fight against racial discrimination in St. Louis that forbids Edmund to attend the same school as his white neighbors because of race.

Michael Shellenberger of Environmental Progress says, "Only nuclear can lift all humans out of poverty while saving the natural environment."

Murr v Wisconsin – PLF awaits decision from the Supreme Court to decide whether the extent of an owner’s property interests as a threshold determination in a regulatory takings case.

Dr. Lee Birchansk built an optical surgery center next door to his office in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Certificate of Need license languishing since 2004 while nearby hospital gets license lickety split.

Marquette County Road – PLF challenges the EPA’s decision to block construction of a Marquette County Road that would allow trucks to travel to Michigan’s Eagle Mine more efficiently and in a more environmentally conscious way. PLF represents the Marquette Road Commission on appeal to the 6th.

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