Libertarian Counterpoint

Jeff Sessions new civil asset forfeiture guidelines ignore local civil asset forfeiture laws, reverse the one good thing Eric Holder did.

G W Bush era Department of Homeland Security official, Matt Mayer actually wrote U.S. News and World Report article advocating declaration of war on Mexico to "win" the drug war.

California cap and trade law reauthorized. Cronies like Chamber of Commerce and Western Growers bought off with exemptions. No such luck for small businesses in National Federation of Independent Businesses. Hi-speed rail gets another $800 million even though it would add to pollution. West Sacramento gets $150 million for streetcars!?!?

DC Metro has one half of the nation's 10 richest counties. Panem, the Hunger Games capitol, anyone?

Elon Musk says AI "is fundamental risk to human civilization". Advocates Open AI (Is he looking for government support?)

Reasons why single payer is an economic death wish: Medicare, the vaunted single payer insurer for only those over 65 already takes up 15% of the federal budget. And that's the net cost, after subtracting Medicare premiums. Add in another 11% for Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), ObamaCare subsidies and Medicaid and you get to 26% of the budget covering a minority of the population. To trust our health to a government run monopoly?!? No wonder the ill-fated California plan for single payer was projected to double the state budget.

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