Libertarian Counterpoint

The problem of actually using city owned undeveloped property in Dixon.

Toronto retired mechanic Adi Asti spent $550 on materials and hiring a homeless man to build a set of stairs in a community park that city fathers wanted to spend $65.000 on...whenever they got around to it. In spite of accidents being prevented by the stairs, city fathers are not happy.

A vigilante pothole team is fixing roads in Santa Cruz County over the objections of county officials...and preventing many thousands of dollars in tire damage in doing so.

Some years ago, South Africa legalized the domestication of rhinos with rhino farmers anesthetizing the rhinos to harvest their horns for sale. At the urging of animal rights groups they made that practice illegal again. Seven years later rhino poaching has risen 9000%.

Despite "bee colony collapse" the number of honeybees has never been higher. Why? Capitalism. Bee breeders create new colonies and move the bees to where the pollination needs to be done.

It's the 25th anniversary of the ozone hole killing us all. How did we ever revive the human race from that mortal danger? And DDT? Global Cooling? The China Syndrome? Global warming? Climate change? The Great Pacific garbage patch?

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