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Illegal for employees to have guns on campus. CTA supported.  Security officers will have guns. Will kids be safer or part of a shooting gallery.

Lawyers running amok in California are suing over food

Benedetti v. County of Marin

*         Forced Farming

*         Permit condition on any new dwellings in the agricultural zone: landowner must be "actively and directly engaged in agricultural use of the property"

*         Deprivation of liberty to decide if, when, and how you work

*         Could force landowners to give up ownership of their property when they decide to retire

*         Willie wants to build a house for his adult son and son's family so he can spend time with grandkids

Santa Barbara Zoning Inspection Report

*         Any seller must apply for report within five days of a sale agreement

*         City employees with no special training come through house and take pictures

*         Compare pictures against (incomplete and disorganized) city records, then place burden on owner to prove structures are permitted if they don't appear in the records

*         Is now just a revenue-generating scheme

*         General searches without any probable cause are an unreasonable search under the Fourth Amendment

Efforts to repeal Costa-Hawkins

*         Heavy new efforts by tenants' rights groups to repeal Costa-Hawkins

*         Costa-Hawkins places limits on rent control in California

*         A repeal could lead to rent control on new structures (currently only applies to structures built before 1994)

*         Repeal could lead to strict rent control (no adjustment of rates to market when units become vacant)

*         Rent control is a terrible policy that will exacerbate, not solve, California's skyrocketing prices

*         Disincentive to enter the market, create new units, etc.

*         Despite the awful precedent and losses in rent control challenges at SCOTUS, it should be recognized as taking huge amounts of property value from landowner and transferring to the tenant

*         May also be a violation of due process, because it is a failed policy; it does not substantially advance a legitimate government interest

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