Libertarian Counterpoint

David Joyce, why are you running for the Yuba County Board of Supervisors?

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats releases this year's Worldwide Threat Assessment, which (again) says "Iran remains the most prominent sponsor of terrorism..."

Are you willing to sugarcoat this blatant falsehood by attributing it to incompetence or bureaucratic inertia, or will you call them the liars and propagandists they are?

Joseph Yun, the U.S. State Dpt. Special Envoy to N. Korea, resigns after the Trump admin refuses a diplomatic option for de-escalation of tensions with North Korea

The Pentagon cornucopia:  corporate welfare for defense contractors?

Mueller's indictment of a Russian troll farm:  can any of this nonsense still be taken seriously?

Are libertarians necessarily cornucopians a la Julian Simon? If not, how do we envision a free market allocating a shrinking pie (of fertile soil, clean water, clean air, etc.)?

Parkland, FL HS and other school shooting - let’s broaden the discussion to include at least these obvious areas of concern:

• There's PLENTY of evidence that violent media ( e.g. video games, Hollywood) cause violent behavior,

• PLENTY of evidence pharmaceuticals like SSRIs lead to violent and suicidal behavior.

• Why is there always a concurrent "drill" with a spookily similar scenario when these tragedies (Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, Parkland) happen, mere mention of which fact is almost totally suppressed?

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