World Reggae Party - Carlos Walker

New graphic and portrait artist Carlos Walker is coming into the DMV art scene with his reverse racism focused art! His greatest art is notably'' ''Walk in a Mile in Our Shoes'' due to the fact that his pictures shows the Black experience, in this exhibit. Walker seeks to show a mirror effect to Caucasians to inspire how cruel racism is in the Black community.


World Reggae Party

I'm Bringing the World to your Ears: World Reggae Party with me: Goddess Genise is my MOTTO for this unique and extra special radio and television show! This Show is truly my own creation back in November 2008. My love for Reggae stemmed when I was in college in the late 80's. I was a big fan of Bob Marley. Brought tons of his work and decided to make a radio show around the 12 forms of Reggae music!!

My radio commercial starts as this:
The Evolution (Revolution) of Reggae begins with your ears. Cultivates POWER in your mind! Soothes your SOUL!!
Reggae began with Bob Marley, his children and grandchildren!!
The came Jimmy Cliff, Shabba Ranks, Petra, Lady Saw, Apache Indian and on....on....on....
The Revolution of Reggae IS reborn! World Reggae Party with Goddess Genise
Reggae: you're the One! Radio Fairfax; Fairfax and beyond!!!
Target audience: 21 to 65

58 min 6 sec
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